IMG_6188 “On Friday March 20, 2015 I celebrated my one year anniversary with these great people. On the following Sunday March 22, 2015 I went to see my nephew who recently started playing basketball. When he heard that I played for 10 years before my accident he asked me to teach him. After a few drills he was getting bored, and wanted me to play against him. We played a game of 21 with him and his sister against me. I played so long that my sister-in-law said, “You might have been a basketball star, but you are not now so lets go home.” For many years I have felt dead inside, and on that day I finally felt alive. Without this great group of people I would not have had the chance to live a life that I deserve. I would like to thank Brian, Wes, Kelly, and Blair for helping find joy in living again.” – Stance Control KAFO patient





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